Thursday, June 30, 2011

arrivederci amico

Being a military family has it's benefits, and.. it's hare of downfalls. We've had to say goodbye to many friends.. but these are the same friends we never would have known otherwise.

Recently, we said goodbye to another homeschool family who are blessed to be moving (well, have since moved) to Italy!!

Being a military kid, you have to mature in some ways a lot faster than your civilian peers.not so much in others.

Miggy's & her friend saying attempting to be the tallest.


It's so good to see girls this age, acting their age..and not so much "older".

Miggy hasn't handled the goodbyes all that well, in some ways, but she has such poise in so many other ways.


Really, saying farewell is hard on ME.. so I can imagine as a child it has to hurt.


This is one great family, the mom was a veteran homeschool mom, and she might not realize how much help she gave me, with out trying!

God Bless you on this adventure, our friends, have fun, and take a LOT of pictures!!

You will be missed!


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