Sunday, July 3, 2011

where the wild things are

It seems that homeschooling has brought about the wild in our kids!

The other day, I asked Bean to bring the trash can back up from the curb to help Daddy out, as he gets home LATE nowadays.

Well, she opened the garage and shouted "THERE'S A TURTLE!!"

Now, I am thinking, she misspoke it HAS to be a frog.

Nope.. it was REALLY A TURTLE, and A HUGE one at that!! (not sea turtle big, but bigger than I expected to be sure.)


Well, I'm no turtle expert, so we had to do some investigating!!

We took note of the turtles features, and.. what is that on it's MOUTH..ewww!


We discovered in our research, it is a VERY common turtle in this area, called an Eastern Box turtle..


We found out how to tell the turtles gender.. this one, is a GIRL.


They lay their eggs in the summer after a storm, and it had rained the night before!

The babies hatch in the fall.. so we're REALLY hoping she's nested nearby!

They eat slugs and snails (now we know what was so ewww in her mouth)!

Male box turtles have red eyes, and our new neighbor has golden eyes!


This was quite exciting, and without homeschool... no one would have CARED!

Now we have something to look forward to this fall, and we saw a TOTALLY DIFFERENT FEMALE a few days later, so exciting!!

Praying for baby turtles this fall!! Will keep you updated!


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