Wednesday, September 7, 2011

he's MY old man

Being a grown up isn't always fun.. but having kids, sometimes your birthdays are pretty lame. (ya know we don't get the balloons and chuck e cheese)

But on the other side of that coin, the awesomeness of kids, birthday's that aren't pomp and circumstance, are filled with sweetness and true joyful celebration.

Daddy had his birthday in late August, and the clones went all out.


The girls made him a "card"...


I'm not saying we're "addicted" or anything.. but Angry Birds is a family favorite.. the clones have all assigned us each a character in the game.. So, the boys went with Daddy's for a gift:


Lolli had no idea anything was going on... she was just happy to have all of us around her.


Now, as adults, we know that magic of birthday's don't last ALL DAY, so you have to grab it by the horn and hold on.. because before we knew it.. the clones were BEHAVING LIKE CHILDREN!!

And as any family birthday can not come to a close with out...



Each clone (save for Lolli) got to spank Daddy a little.. (BamBam went a little crazy) for a total of around "39"..

And even though Daddy and I are on a fairly strict eating plan, we had a home made CAKE!!


Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you, you are MY old man!


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